Fancy and Fondant are deliciously decadent hand made prints by Chloe Langlois and David Newton.

Our illustrations are hand drawn and we use traditional printmaking methods; including screen-printing, etching, lithography and lino cutting. Check out:

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“Pretty things. So what if we like pretty things”

Chloe and David lived in a big old hospital, (David was more scared than Chloe) where they dreamed up mustard menace and tap dancing peanuts. They drew drew drew – till they could draw no more, then they set off to the studio to print galore.

Chloe on printing:

“I enjoy printmaking because it’s like the game mouse trap; i have to get through a series of precarious obstacles in the correct order.”

(Chloe draws whilst escaping big dogs and dead cats. Screen printing runs rife through her veins.)

Chloe lives in Loughborough and prints at Leicester Print Workshop

David on printing:

“Drawing is how I ‘got’ (and ‘get’) things. I stumbled upon screen printing at “Snap” studio in Bristol – taught by a great chap called Simon Tozer. 1 year later I’m still merrily printing away my scribbled down thoughts. I forgot how much I liked to draw and screen printing is reminding me of that happy place – where the pencil whistles through the paper…”

(David draws on the bus, in bed, at the zoo and upside down. He likes to print when it’s dark outside.)

David lives in Muswell Hill, London and prints at Print club in Dalston. Visit his recent project a year in print:

They learnt early on that you cant save a print with bobbley eyes. They still stand by this claim.

They’re currently printing their happily ever after…